Hyper Local App

Hyper Local App

Hyper Local App


Where all can the App be used:Think Big. What all can you imagine?

Find a Car Rental/Plumber Service/Photography/Buddy Finding Service/Maid/Recovery Truck/Laundry Service/Mechanics/Massage Service/Doctor etc.

User App Features

  • Like the classic “Pick me Up” button in Uber, user can press a similar button for any on demand geo-relevant service.
  • User can not just see the provider’s ratings, they can also review the provider who is going to service them.
  • The job related info is passed on to the provider and forms the basis of each transaction.
  • After completion of the job, payments are done via the app using Paypal/Stripe, including the tip.
  • Rate the service quality once payment has been processed.

Service Provider App Features

  • Service providers get notified of any service request that is published within their operating radius.
  • Customer’s ratings help the providers decide whether to go ahead with them or not.
  • Payments are made into their Paypal/Stripe account via the app, including his tip.

Features for Owners of App

  • The App owner has the option to choose from a list of services or create a new one to start their own Uber for X service.
  • With complete control on list of services and registered providers, they can charge premium fees for improved and more frequent job assignments.

Payouts to service providers are also the prerogative of the owner.


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