Geolocation  Notifications

Geolocation Notifications

Geolocation Notifications

Facebook’s “What’s on your mind?” and Twitter’s “What’s happening?” are now passe. The burning question presently in social networking is “Where are you?” To answer this question you need a GPS enabled smart phone with a geolocation app integrated into it.

Geolocation is the trend that is escalating through social media networks. Individuals are widely using geolocation apps for updating their present position on various social media.

With Appiyus geolocation app builder, you can now easily create a geolocation app that can help others in determining your exact location. You can even promote your app on various mobile app stores and earn a good amount of revenue through it.

The geolocation app generated through Geotargeted Notifications app builder would notify users about real-world locations(such as restaurants and events) present near them. The app would also help users to reflect their present location to others on social media.

You can even create a geolocation app for finding unknown locations, tourist destinations and many others. The geolocation app technology can also be used in disaster management by rapidly investigating the affected areas. This can help the rescuers in reaching affected locations in a short time, thereby reducing their response time.

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