Small Businesses

Hyper Local App

  Where all can the App be used:Think Big. What all can you imagine? Find a Car Rental/Plumber Service/Photography/Buddy Finding Service/Maid/Recovery Truck/Laundry Service/Mechanics/Massage Service/Doctor etc. User App Features Like the classic “Pick me Up” button […]


Event Listings

It has become easy to add events to your apps. Now promote your event from event specific sites like Eventbrite, eventful, Facebook, Google +Events or Bandintown by adding them to your app with Appiyus  builder. [...]

New Themes

Apps no longer need to have a drab or boring look. Nor do you have to stay contented with pre-set formats. Introducing the all new themes that can help you design your app like a […]


Monetized with Ads

With Appiyus app builder, you can now make an app for ads and earn money through it. Just promote your app on different mobile stores like Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, etc., and grab more […]


Shopping Cart

Make a shopping cart app for your ecommerce store and advance your audience reach. With the shopping app, you can now enhance the shopping experience of your potential customers and attract new customers. You can […]


GPS App Builder

Maps are confusing when you don’t know how to follow them. But not anymore. With Appiyus app map app builder you can now create an amazing map app with your desired function integrated into it. You can even […]



Simply knowing number of downloads, revenues or user ratings and feedback is not enough. You need to track your app on a whole lot of other parameters. This is where App analytics come to your […]


Blog Integration

Blogging is the backbone of every business marketing strategy in today’s world. From small businesses to industrial empires, everyone is focusing on blogging to advance audience reach and gain worldwide popularity. Many businesses are even [...]

Geolocation Notifications

Facebook’s “What’s on your mind?” and Twitter’s “What’s happening?” are now passe. The burning question presently in social networking is “Where are you?” To answer this question you need a GPS enabled smart phone with […]


Quiz & Survey

Build a ‘Scratch Quiz’ app of your own in just a few minutes with Appiyus app design builder. Challenge your friends, colleagues and relatives, and get to know new people who share the same interests as [...]
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